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about us

Ratola Engineering

         The “Ratola Engineering” Ltd Company is established in 1994 and it is one of the leading companies in Bulgaria specialized in the construction and reconstruction of residentional and office buildings, habitation complexes, industrial factories   including the related engineering services. Through years of activity the company specialized in the architecture, design furnishing of the projects, using a high quality materials and working with the most famous and leading in the Bulgarian market furnishing companies such as Martineli, Design Group, Style Décor and etc.

         The company has gained huge experience and has a command of its own personnel of highly qualified engineers, designers and other specialists in the respective area. „Ratola Engineering” Ltd also has its own production-technical base and transport equipment. “Ratola Engineering” Ltd is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and has certificate for Management system as per ISO 9001:2008 .

         “Ratola Engineering” Ltd. is a company which have proved its reliability in execution of undertaken tasks, while achieving high quality and strictly fulfilling the terms for implementation. From its establishment the Company has worked very actively with already fixed and with new clients.

          The main activities in which Ratola Engineering is specified with the necessary staff and competency are the following:

  • High construction
  • Planning, heating and ventilation
  • Interior design and furnishing
  • Renting of construction equipment and mechanization
  • Engineering geology







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