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building & projects

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Ratola Engineering is executing all types of reconstruction and building works using only high-quality construction materials. The company also proposes overall services connected with interior reconstructions of residential, commercial areas and offices. The construction of residential, factories and offices is implemented in two stages – rough construction and finishing works. The first stage includes – excavation works, framework, concrete works, bricklaying, roof works and insulation. The finishing works include – construction of el. Installations, plumbing, sewerage, dry construction, plasters, PVC and aluminum window-frame, painting with latex and oil paint, laying of all types floorings – terracotta, linoleum, fitted carpet, building of all types  suspended ceilings, partitions of gypsum panels, heat insulation. The company has of disposal warehouses bases, construction equipment and transport equipment that allow us to cover all types of the construction activities. In the company activity is including the construction of the objects from carrying objects from zero to its full cycle completion, including interior and exterior design and layout around the building.



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